Saturday, 3 June 2017

the tram

117th Challenge
Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

                                   Thank you Yinglan for the photo prompt!

This is a flash fiction challenge (stories in 100-175 words or less) and each story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

The tram pulled on the station of cobbled surface. 

My feet stepped in carrying Luis Vuitton bag, my body and 

thoughts inside.

My official SUV needed a surgery in the garage and with no 

replacement vehicle in sight I had to take a detour forcibly 

to travel by public transport.

The maiden day was far from comfortable.  The movement 

of the tram and my hubris had a soporific effect.  I 

declared myself an outlier and misfit among hoi-polloi.

The following days eased my discomfiture of sharing space 

with strangers. Strangers with nameless bodies broke the 

cordon of unfamiliarity to inch closer sharing a smile or a 

nod. The girl in tweed skirt, the young man in Cambric 

pants or a young mom with her bawling infant gave me 

enough fodder for characterization to pull out my notepad 

to transport them to the bank pages.

I looked forward to this quotidian ritual. My blank pages 

rapidly filled and my nascent blogging gained momentum 

with newer posts and gathered rave comments.

The change reflected on my countenance. Anger and 

resentment replaced conviviality.

My subordinates saw a different avatar and were 

pleasantly  surprised.

The Valium bottle remained unopened.

The Garage mechanic‘s email about the vehicle’s recovery 

was read.

I picked my paraphernalia to board the 5.15 tram.

             written for : Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers.


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word count : 214

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