Monday, 29 April 2013


How do you decide the course of your path standing at the crossroads of life?  Do you trust your gut instinct or allow the Hand of God to guide you? Read on ……………………………..

                                                 AT THE CROSSROADS OF LIFE.

I did not know which road to take. There was no  sign-post  nor a soul in sight ask for directions. It was twilight. A cool breeze caressed  my creased brow.  The  flying birds in the sky , hurrying  to their nests made a crackling noise.  They know the direction of their course, I  thought.

The four different paths in different directions added to my confusion and  subsequent irritability. If I chose a random path and ended up at a wrong  place .  

I was going to take up this project in a remote area , against her wishes.  She warned me of the failures ahead. But I was confident and did not heed to her advice. The country-side  silence  could not calm my troubled mind.

I heard the rustlings of the leaves behind me. I turned around. A man with dark glasses with the aid of a walking stick was trying to find his way. He brushed past aside me. And  grabbed my arm  to cross-over .  We both were on the  same  path.

“ Excuse me, can you show  me the way to…………..” and I stopped in mid-sentence realizing that he was not gifted with the ability to see. He raised his stick indicating the direction. I turned ahead. This must be my road. I walked  ahead  for a few paces . But I had not mentioned my destination to him. I turned back with a doubt in my mind. There was no figure with a walking stick. The crossroads was deserted. 

Confused, I continued  to  walk  ahead .  The familiar signs of habitation suggested  that I was on the right track.

 How did the man guess  my destination?  Guess or he had a premonition .  In spite of his disability, he pointed out a road to me.   

I had led him or he guided  me the way, I could not tell. I reached the inn before dark. I enquired of a blind man  with a stick at the crossroads. The man at the inn said that there  was not a single blind man in the village. He knew each and every resident as  he had been staying  in the tiny village for the past four decades.
There was no answer to this ‘miracle’.  Perhaps it was an illusion. Perhaps God in the guise of a man with the  stick has  showed me the ‘right’ path  at the cross-roads of life. 

I was on the right path in the journey of life.


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