Monday 16 December 2013

Chor ke daadi mein tinka

I am acknowledging knithaurs tag and participating in Protest against Smelly Stubble (P.A.S.S)

I had read a story when I was a child. I recollected it as I read Blogadda's Protest against Smelly Stubble Contest. 

In a small village there lived many farmers who apart from farming activity used to rear hen for their poultry consumption. The hen would be counted by each farmer and kept safely in a big bamboo basket at night in their courtyard. The farmer , Shiva, noticed one of his hen missing. He searched and enquired with all his farmer neighbours.

Shiva's six year son , Ganesha , had seen the hen in Charandas's courtyard. When confronted , Charandas feigned ignorance. Charandas owned a small grocery shop and was a compulsive liar and a thief.

The dispute was placed before the  village panchayat. The headman was an old and wise person who white silver hair stood testimony to the many struggles he had faced and tackled.

He called a few suspects from the village along with Charandas. He made them stand in a line before the villagers and said that the spirit of the hen would torment the culprit.

The village headman glared at Charandas. Charandas felt uneasy. The village headman pulled a feather from this long beard and displayed it before the gathered crowd. 

Charandas fell at the feet of the headman and apologized profusely. Charandas was asked to part with his hen as punishment.

His long unkempt facial hair was the 'root cause' (pun intended) of him being exposed.

Chor ke daadi mein tinka.

Readers have you read this story in your childhood?

I am tagging Garima Nag , Uma , Aditya Manchanda , Sonal ,Sparking Aura

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  1. Nice post, loved how you wove the beard angle to the post prompt :)

  2. hehe interesting :) and its been long I heard chor ki daadi me tinka
    do read my fun series at and I also tagged u there Kalpana. Respond if you want to . Thanks

  3. Nice post.. I have acknowledged your tag in
    and tagged you also in mine kindly acknowledge it.

  4. haan haan I remember ;) and I always heard it when my mom found out that there was less sugar in the container than the day before :D :D :D

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