Saturday, 22 June 2013


 The Homing Pigeons...

The Indian English writing industry is witnessing a golden era with bloggers trying their hand at full length novels, professionals from all walks of life, quitting their high profile, high paying jobs to plunge into the whirlpool of writing. People with a passion for writing are walking on the road less travelled, often switching careers which have no connection to writing. And the Indian writers are not left behind, often encouraging the authors to take their passion to the next higher level. I salute the brave, bold and enterprising authors of our country.

Sid Bahri is a debutante author who is a hotelier by education, an ex-banker, is now a struggling entrepreneur and a happy writer. He is an avid blogger and cooking stories is his passion. It is difficult to believe that 'Homing Pigeons' is his debut novel and he has all the traits of a seasoned and sensitive writer. Readers keep a watch on this bright star.

The story deals with the protagonists , Aditya and Radhika who are school-mates, attracted to each other but choose to remain silent on the matters of the heart and the story takes a twist.

Radhika's yearning for love and acceptance is deeply rooted in her childhood.Even though she has biological and foster parents , she is pushed from one set of parents to another , unwanted, thus craving for love. In search for love her martial status changes from a divorcee to a rich widow, who yearns for freedom which comes at a price.

Aditya and Radhika meet and drift apart, meet and again drift apart by fate and circumstances and compounded by their weakness. 

Finally they have to come together as homing pigeons have an innate and uncanny ability to find their mate.This is a love story with a difference as no two people are the same.

Not all love stories are perfect, but then neither are people, printed on the cover page strikes an instant cord while picking up the book in a shop/store.The reader  cannot keep the book down. Such is the magnetism of this book. Aditya and Radhika come out alive, entwining the readers with their emotions and continue to be a part of our lives long after completing the book.

Parental love and indifference, friendship, love, lust are all human emotions juxtaposed beautifully. Readers can identify themselves with the two protagonists as they sacrifice their love and ambitions for family , society and ego.

The surprise package of the book is Divya, an advertising professional who is bold , brash , blunt and without inhibitions and who is unafraid to quench her bodily desires in exchange of money.

The author signs off the book on a positive note.

Happy reading.

Kalpana Solsi.