Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The charred letter

I read the letter in the glow of the candle light umpteen times that I could read it without unfolding it. Every word and line was deeply etched on the blackboard of my mind.
Every word escaped from my lips , pierced the dagger deeper into my heart erupting the partly healed wound and a sigh escaped with each hot breath. A paper made from the tree bark was sufficient for you to call it quits while I encircled the banyan tree with the auspicious thread winding around it,  barefoot, in the pouring rain and praying for your good health, longer life and prosperity. Encircling the tree of life I reminded myself of the vows taken at the alter with you , with the sacred fire and the other four elements of Nature as witnesses.


While I chose not to forget the vows , you broke the thread of our bonds and did not respect the vow to  be with each other in good health and crisis. In the light of the stars and the crescent  moon  , my eyes shed  tears of loneliness and helplessness and when sleep descended on me , the the first rays of the sun awoke me.


I unfolded the letter and read the obituary for the last time.  I held it at one corner between my thumb and index finger till the last vestiges of our bond were charred. I inhaled deeply and blew the flickering flame.  Tonight I will sleep peacefully , and henceforth I will sleep peacefully every night. 

FOR : ultimate blog challenge day 17