Thursday, 13 November 2014

gift of time

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

I looked at myself in the huge oval mirror bordered by woodwork carvings.

A little head popped up in the reflection tugging my beige androgynous ironed suit.

“I have a presentation at office and they pay me on hourly basis, Emile.”

The soft thud of a pair of tiny feet running away from me wrung my heart.

“Take this”, she commanded, and the jingling of metal made a soft melody while emptying her piggy bank.

“I am hiring you. Play with me.”

I looked out of the window, with the palm trees swaying and the pink neon sign announcing “GIFTS”

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                                              Linking to Friday Fictioneers

word count : 100

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

a life snatched



She was full of life
yearning for more
fate had sharpened its knife
to languish her in pain and sore
 malignant tumour
had raised its ugly head
as days dimmed to hours
as crucial minutes ticked, we dread
of the inevitable.
Alas! we became poorer
a  angel snatched , blow terrible
wish she had bloomed brighter

Let's join hands, all , you and me
to defeat the germ of Big C.


                                                Linking to 3 Word Wednesday

I lost a dear friend 8 years ago. The void left by her will never be filled . We carry on with our daily life pausing for a second to see if she is with us.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

good old days

“Sigh! Those were the good old days”, my grandpa used to say.

 People ate nutritious home-made food, unadulterated sweets and grains
were not genetically modified. 

Humans were healthy and it was a pleasure to draw their blood,
remarked Aedes insect to comrade Anopheles insect. 

The world sucks, both concluded.

                                   Written for :  from-15-to-50 / Moving Quill

                                                    jaws of death

                                         Picture Prompt: courtesy The Moving Quill

Word Count : 49