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FFfAW Challenge-Week of August 15, 2017

                                                       128th Challenge


This week's photo prompt is provided by Thank you artycaptures!

“Fill the mug to half its capacity”, read little Nikhil from the bake-book.

“The other mug has to be washed and dried, pour all the batter into this” argued Nilesh

“Follow the instructions for best results”, cautioned Nikhil.

But the contents of the mug was already full and Nilesh’s gloved hands had pushed the 

mug into the oven.

Minutes later as the oven beeped, the result was far from satisfactory.

Nilesh tried to skulk the mess into the bin when a pair of elderly feminine legs stood 

between him and the bin.

Silence prevailed instead of a logomachy.


Nikhil presided over the meeting as the CEO of the conglomerate. The applause 

resonated the entire corporate corridors.

The framed picture of the ‘batter’ed mug that their mom hung in the boys’ study 

prodded him to push his limits and succeed. Every rung of ladder climbed was attributed 

to him mother’s upbringing.

Nilesh did odd jobs to eke out a living without completing his formal education.

The identical twins were as different as chalk and cheese.

                 Written for : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thank you Pricess Joy.


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word count : 175

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