Sunday, 13 August 2017


          Sunday Photo Fiction – August 13th 2017

Photo Prompt by Al Forbes

He wiped his muddy stains on tar road and raced around it, his coat gleaming of

eucalyptus oil. Ganesh trailed him, waiting for the slightest signal to pick up vital clues. 

The grey telephone booth  became a centre of his focus and attention. Ganesh 

took the hint and wondered what the innocuous looking wooden structure held inside to 

garner attention. But being trained to handle sensitive cases, his unseen antennas picked 

up unusual wavelengths. The entire force in khaki apparel got ready for action. One pair 

of strong hands opened the door of the booth effortlessly. The Police scanned the entire 

structure. Only air seemed to be enclosed. His acute sense of smell could never be 

doubted or undermined.

While the Mumbai Police looked at the walls and roof, Detective Karamchand’s pupils 

were arrested at the ground beneath his soles. “Dig”, he yelled having scented the cache.

There was enough ammunition to blow up the entire city of Mumbai. The area was 

immediately cordoned off to avoid the onslaught of the Fourth Estate.

Ganesh bent down and patted Zanjeer's gleaming coat.

“Good boy, treat yourself with a biscuit”, praising the canine.

“woof woof” , responded Zanjeer.

                 Written for  : Sunday Photo Fiction


word count : 196

Note : Zanjeer was trained at the Dog Training Centre of the Criminal Investigating 

Department. The Mumbai Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad took him under their wing 

and handler Ganesh and Zanjeer helped the department recovered RDX  and gelatin sticks 

in 1993 Mumbai bombings.

Read more about Zanjeer here.

I have tweaked a bit for the story.

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