Sunday, 8 October 2017

Egyptian Spirit

Sunday Photo Fiction – October 8th 2017


                                                       Thanks Kathryn Forbes 2009 for the picture prompt

The azure skies and the historical redolence of the capital city welcomed the Indian 

student contingent with a ‘Marhaban’ while Cairo was reciprocated with a warm 


I had brushed my history and geography of the ancient civilization. The behemoth statue 

of Ramesses II in Cairo evoked awe and admiration. The guide assigned to us patiently 

narrated the history of the Great Pharaoh. As a bunch of excited students, we clicked 

selfies and photographs against the backdrop of the statue, eager to update the event on 

social media.

Did the ancient Egyptians breathe the same air as I have inhaled today? Definitely the 

atmosphere was cleaner when the Pharaohs ruled the land, I concluded. Are the celestial 

beings a mute witness to the change in civilizations? If they could speak, I would lend 

them a patient ear. Could the grandeur of their empire be compared with Vijayanagar 

Dynasty? A thousand questions sprouted in my mind as I heard my name being called for a 

group photo. I quicken the pace of my sprint to join my friends.

As I stood with a smile for the camera I felt hot under scrutiny.
The spirit chuckled, unknown and unseen to the world.

  (A replica of the Ramesses II statue stands on Salah Salem street in HeliopolisCairo)

                                                      Sunday Photo Fiction.


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