Tuesday, 26 February 2013


The Indian Connection with Oscars.

'Life of Pi', a Man Booker Prize winner by Yann Martel immortalized into a movie by Ang Lee, a Taiwanese American,  has bagged 4 Oscars.

'Life of Pi' centers around an Indian family living in Puducherry, a former French colony, who leaves the Indian shores to migrate to Canada by sea.The ship sinks into the Pacific Ocean and Pi along with a few animals  survive and Pi being the sole human to survive till the end to narrate the ordeal. 

The film is a visual treat to the eyes and invokes awe from movie-goers.. The visual effects, the hall-mark of the film are a result of hard work of about 150 artists from Mumbai who wove magic which helped the film clinch the Black Statute in this category. The background sounds of the Ang Lee film and Pi's lullaby sung by Jayashri were created in Chennai, Adyar.

India has all the reasons to feel proud at the winning of the Oscar as it played a significant role in the visuals and sound section. India basked and shone in reflected glory but a direct Oscar has eluded us, in spite of having a large reservoir of talent at our doorstep.This latent talent has to take center-stage  to  plunge into the whirlpool of active film-making rather than just serving as a prop to foreign directors. Of course we do not need a stamp of approval from the outside film fraternity of being one of the best. Our movie-making largely caters to our huge domestic market and a handful NRIs, settled on the other side of the globe.Let us hope to make it to the Oscars,next time, with a full-fledged Indian film with 'desi' connections.  AMEN.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I know you have moved on......................
And I know you are happy......................

Or you , too, take shelter,
behind fake smiles and laughter.

I say, without  doubt,
your heart, for me, cries out.

I feel your tears,
rolling down on my cheeks.

Come closer ; banish your fears.
Let's both take a step forward,
to come closer and nearer.

With hope we can meet,
as friends we can greet.

As friends we can meet,
Down, the familiar street.