Friday, 15 March 2013

GOD and me.


I consider myself to be GOD's most cherished creature on the earth. HE has

handpicked me up from the teeming millions of 'hoi polloi'  and has placed

center-stage of  HIS attention. I say this with great gusto . Nay, not because

He showers me everyday with HIS choicest blessings on me but chooses to 

sprinkle  happiness miserly, measuring in very small doses. The few times

that I dare to enjoy happiness is cruelly snatched away  to replace it with

an adversity. And I am unable to even taste  the fruits of joy. 

"God, Why me? Why me?" ; I  question Him with rage.

There was a thunder in the sky and I looked up.

"Because you are a fighter. And I love to challenge you as an equal".

I smile with satisfaction and am ready to don my gloves for another bout.

I have never complained  since.

Lord Murdeshwar , near Mangalore.

Thursday, 7 March 2013




Marcos Imelda loved to collect shoes. Every lady has a fancy for collection . I love to collect purses and bags. Each purse to match a particular outfit or a small ethnic bag to go with a saree.

Whenever I open a purse, I find one or two currency notes and am happy to find a 'bonus' which is unintentionally tucked away. Four months ago, I was tidying my treasure of purses, I found a 'tidy' sum in one of them. The crisp currency notes smelt good. I was e l a t e d. Should I 'gift' myself a new dress or a pair of lovely shoes. I couldn't decide, when my doorbell rang and I found Mrs. Gupta, my neighbour, smiling at me.I invited her inside my house. She explained to me about the Art of Living' course. I felt the fees of the 4-day course a bit steep..But the explanations of the benefits of AOL combined with her sunny disposition laid my fears to rest. I enrolled for the crash course. Enthusiastically , I started the AOL course. By the end of the fourth day , I was happy to spend my money wisely and well. The breathing exercises and other group activities did wonders to my mind and body. I felt rejuvenated and in the process made a few friends.

Women never bat an eyelid while splurging on solitaires,  designer clothes or other accessories . But hesitate or suddenly tighten their purse strings to spend on betterment of personal health.
'Health is Wealth' is an old adage and should be strictly implemented. Let us take care of ourselves, first, to  serve our family better.

Remember the following points (and implement them too) :-

1.  Join a yoga class or a proper weight loss programme.

2.  Be part of an active group of friends. It helps a lot.

3  Go for regular gynaecology check-ups. Do not be shy to ask questions to your doctor.

4  Be alert to small body changes. No ailment crops up overnight.

5  Read about health issues.

6  Last but not the least : Smile and be happy. :):):)