Friday, 15 March 2013

GOD and me.


I consider myself to be GOD's most cherished creature on the earth. HE has

handpicked me up from the teeming millions of 'hoi polloi'  and has placed

center-stage of  HIS attention. I say this with great gusto . Nay, not because

He showers me everyday with HIS choicest blessings on me but chooses to 

sprinkle  happiness miserly, measuring in very small doses. The few times

that I dare to enjoy happiness is cruelly snatched away  to replace it with

an adversity. And I am unable to even taste  the fruits of joy. 

"God, Why me? Why me?" ; I  question Him with rage.

There was a thunder in the sky and I looked up.

"Because you are a fighter. And I love to challenge you as an equal".

I smile with satisfaction and am ready to don my gloves for another bout.

I have never complained  since.

Lord Murdeshwar , near Mangalore.