Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I hurriedly left your threshold,
To embrace the adulthood mould,
Dolls and pristine innocence left behind a mile,
Did not glance back for a while.

Sleeping to the lullaby tune
Sailing paper boats in rainy June
Of sleep-overs  and pillow-fights
The chocolates cakes and glittering lights
Imprisoned  in frozen moments.
Can anyone bring back even for a moment?

In awe of the grass greener
Remained an eternal dreamer.
When the glass of fantasy shattered,
Awoke, I battered.

Filled with mirth to say a final good-bye.
Now repent with a deep sigh.
The grains of sand slid away
Leaving only memories my way.

Wish I had not hurried
But relished the golden era and tarried.
R.I.P. (Rest in peace) my childhood.
R.I.P (Return if possible) my childhood.

Note :  The weight of the school books keeps the back hunched. The do’s and do not’s by the parents irritate the children. They are in a hurry to leave behind the childhood to chase the mirage of adulthood. Taking one’s own decision of life fascinates them only to realize late that the golden days were those of childhood. Every generation repeats this mistake and I implore my child not to commit this mistake.