Thursday, 9 May 2013


                                                  The Resurrection.

Caught up in the reveries,
I dug up the past  memories
Deep buried from the grave.
I was , but, so naive.

Groping in the dungeon,                                                    
hopes chained, bludgeon.
The skeletons of the bygone,
haunted me, to be left alone.

Prisoner of the good old days.
Basking in the warmth of sun rays.
In the sky, dark clouds frowned.
Sucked into the bottomless pit, felt drowned.

Snippets of snaps pasted on collage,
Why did I re-visit this mirage?
Broken pieces of reflection,
I gathered from distant horizon,
to march towards resurrection.
To march towards resurrection.

                                                                     FOR : POETS UNITED