Saturday, 8 June 2013

I write..................

I WRITE...........

I write
          to express a part of me,
          that I feel and see.

I write
          When my tears fail,
           to send a mail,
           to the world outside
           that I can no longer hide.

I write
          When my heart overflows
           with hurts and blows.
           That I cannot take more,
           of pain and sore.

I write
          to rewind the golden moments,
          to relive certain rich fragments,
          of the innocent and pristine days,
          that I cannot harbour in any bays.

I write
          when I am happy.
          when I am lonely.

I write
          because there is a smile on my face
          because this is the only solace.

I write
          because I am alive.
          Because I write, I am alive.

And if I don't write
                             I will lose my soul.