Thursday, 11 July 2013

A LETTER TO GRANDPA.(theme thursday)

When I was five years old , my teacher asked the class to write a letter to a close relative.

 All the students wrote  a letter in their notebooks and submitted the books to the teacher,

 then I thought of writing a 'real'  letter to someone in my family. Till then I hadn't written

 to anyone as my parents corresponded and kept in touch with our kith and kin. That

 evening I expressed a desire to write a letter , to my father. My father was thrilled 

and insisted that I start immediately. My joy knew no bounds. I started writing my

first letter to my paternal grandpa staying at Bijapur with my father's assistance.

Every day , we sat religiously for quarter of an hour to finish my dream project.

I completed  writing on  A4 size paper and after completion my father folded the papers 

and put it in the envelope and sealed it . He kept it on the table to post it the next day. 

That night I was not able to sleep due to my excitement. I got out of my bed , went to the

table , touched the crisp envelope and said a silent good-bye to it. The next day , I shyly 

told my teacher about the letter. My teacher patted my back. My joy knew no bounds.

 I forgot about the letter and after a week , I got a letter addressed to me. This was the 

first time that I received a letter addressed to me. I opened the letter. It was written by

my grandfather who was overjoyed to receive it from his first grandchild and he thanked

me for remembering  him. He had written in the letter that he displayed my hand-written 

letter to his neighbours, friends and our relatives. How happy I was.

Time flew by but I treasured my grandpa's letter.

After a decade he expired. After the final rites , the elder's in our family opened grandpa's

 old  iron trunk. It was functional and ornamental. Among the other things , I found my

 first hand written letter. It was a discovery of a treasure and an emotional bond was 

immediately established with my departed ancestor who felt it so precious to preserve

an old letter. It  is his legacy , the art  and interest of reading and writing that he

passed on to me . I will always cherish the letter, a treasure.
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