Tuesday, 2 July 2013



We all swear on long-lasting relationships and undying love. Relationships are fragile. They are good as long as they last. The bonds have to be nurtured with love, patience, perseverance , care and last but not the least ADJUSTMENT. At times egos have to be shed and loved ones have to be accommodated and have to withstand the test of time. Harsh realities, ego, misunderstandings are catalysts who hasten to corrode the base of the relationship. Many a times we take a relationship for granted.


Sometimes, some relationships  have a shelf-life and are accompanied with an expiry date.Clinging on to a failing relationship is hazardous or lethal to mental health. It is, therefore, prudent to release oneself or the other person involved in a relationship from the intricate maze of entanglement.


Some relationships are like co-passengers for only a limited time period in the journey of life. The goal is not just to reach the destination but to savor every moment of the odyssey of life. 


One may argue that it is easier said that done. But humans are capable of scaling Himalayan heights and diving  into the deepest oceans. Let us start with a small step of either coming closer or going away with no rancor, to lead a better life.

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