Friday, 6 September 2013

good old days.





Reminiscing about the good old days makes me realize that I have left a small treasure behind that cannot be retrieved, lost forever in the sands of time but stored in my memory, never to be erased. Going down memory lane is re-visiting an old monument where you can see and admire and walk past away but cannot dwell in it.

I desperately miss the good old days when one could knock on a door without prior appointment and would be greeted and welcomed with a genuine smile.
Human relations and friendships were truly valued , respected and understood.
Back then very few people owned telephones. But the friendships forged connected the hearts with invisible lines. When cell-phones , internet etc had not yet made forays , neighbours chatted from the windows and balconies and the entire neighbourhood joined  the conversation. Now balconies and windows are heavily barricaded  that only air and sunlight can pass through.

As children we played outdoors games in the evenings like Dabba ice-pice , lagori , badminton or cricket where the entire neighbourhood children of all ages blended like a joint family . The elder kids acted as leaders protecting the very smalls kids who were called 'kaccha limboos' , for whom no rules of the games were applied.  Counter-strike , Need for Speed and GTA was unheard of.

The festival of Diwali was celebrated in its true spirit with each households preparing home-made savouries and sweets like chaklis, chivda , sev , karanjis , laddoos and shankarpalas. We would go over to our friend's house to wish and partake of the delicacies. Cholesterol and B.P. had not yet invaded the bodies. 

Summer vacations meant a visit to maternal/paternal grandma's houses to return with rich memories. 

My favourite game was cricket when all the players wore white and was still a gentleman's game. A Test Match of 5 days played was viewed with great interest and enthusiasm was was no less than a festival. 'Cricket with Vijay Merchant ' was broadcast on radio at 2  in the afternoon on Sundays and his rich baritone voice still resonates in my ears. 

Last but not the least the 'idiot-box' was not so idiotic and we enjoyed the programmes aired. Some of my favourites were ,Different Strokes, Laurel and Hardy , charlie Chaplain , Here's Lucy , Are you being served? and Hum Log. They no longer make good entertainment programmes  and I prefer to watch the news headlines on T.V.

Do you miss you good old day, dear readers? Do share with me.................

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