Friday, 6 September 2013

Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge Part II



Raj and Simran's fairy tale romance has culminated into wedded bliss. The 'dilwala' managed to win his 'dulhan' from her father and a fat Indian wedding follows. So far so good. 

The end of a fairy tale begins with the life of ordinary people , where marriage is a great leveller. The slight dampness and cracks are visible in the grand architectural structure of love , after the first showers of the monsoon . To fill up the cracks and chasms , Raj and Simran wisely seek professional help from Dr. Aam Puri (Dr. AP), after all intervention from friends and family failed to produce the desired results.


Dr Aam Puri is an old war-horse  at handling marital disturbances and is man with large frame of body (and heart) and a boisterous  disposition.

As soon as the nervous , warring couple, Raj and Simran are ushered into his clinic by the receptionist , that he breaks into a huge grin and welcomes them with a ,"Salaam , Namaste , Sat Sriakaal , Hello , bacchho" greeting.  

Raj and Simran are slightly taken aback by his sunny disposition and a hearty welcome that they manage to say a subdued hello.

Into his chamber...............
He listens patiently to their outpourings of woe without interrupting and taking sides that the couple are put to ease.Earlier when relatives intervened , they sided with one of the aggrieved party thus widening the gap between them. Dr AP  then goes to hand them a sheet each. He asks some common questions to the couple and asks them to put them down in black and white.
The couple scribble in their respective sheets.

Later the couple are asked to read each other's thoughts on paper.

Readers, I  am sure you all  must be curious to read them, isn't it?  So continue reading ..........................

Simran : You did not notice the sparkle in my eyes when you slipped the diamond ring on my finger on our first wedding anniversary.

Raj : You failed to notice the  extra hours and weekends that I worked to see the sparkle in your eyes.


Simran : I wanted a reassuring hand while crossing the busy junction road. But you released my grip and asked me to walk ahead.

Raj :  I asked you to go ahead and was within protective distance behind you. Simran, grow up, if tomorrow you have to walk alone without me , I will be there in spirit behind you. Life is unpredictable.


Raj : You no longer appreciate the yellow flowers that I buy for you.

Simran : After Rasi's birth I have developed an allergy which you failed to notice it.



Raj  : The last two pieces of the bread pack are given to me. I hate it. It's so hard to chew.

Simran : In childhood , I used to fight with my 2 bros to get the last thick pieces of bread. I being the eldest , my mom asked me to forgo my share to give it to my bros. I wanted always to give you the best, Raj.


Raj : A major part of my earnings is spent on buying gold coins.

Simran : Gold is a good investment. Wouldn't we like to see our Rasi adorned with some ornaments as a bride ?


Simran : When  Rasi was born I wanted you to hold her first . But you drew a blank.............

Raj: I was thinking about the newspaper reports of ............ (with a lump in his throat) How would my little princess survive with dignity and honour in this cruel world ? These questions plagued my mind.

Simran's eyes turned moist and she choked with emotions.

After reading each other's thoughts , Raj and Simran thought that all is still not lost and they could salvage themselves from the wreckage , not only for their child but for themselves.

Dr AP smiled and facing them jointly dispensed out a few pearls of wisdom.

Dr. AP : Raj, I noticed that whenever Simran spoke, it always  "we" rather than you and I. Her heart strings are tenderly attached to you. But somewhere the threads threaten to loosen their bonds. And Simran , Raj has ceased to express his emotions post marriage, may be caught with the responsibilities. But this is no excuse. Words are as much essentials as actions. From time to time both have to re-assure each other of being together. Marriage is falling in love with the same person again and again to find an element of newness and romance.

Raj and Simran realize their folly and vow to sit across the table and have a heart-to-heart talk with each other rather than fighting , shouting and accusing each other.

Raj : I want to see you at sixty , Simran , sitting on your favourite cane chair and knitting for Rasi's kids , with grey in your hair and wrinkles on your forehead  and I know how beautiful you will look. 

Simran blushes. 

Dr. AP  : Helllllo , please go and pay my fees at the reception counter.

All of them laugh. And all is well.

Readers, did you like my post? 


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  1. This was such a beautiful reimagination of Raj and Simran post their marriage. And the best part is that this story also ends with them living happily ever after :D

  2. beautiful post.. loved it :)

  3. That was really creative and cute! <3

  4. Lovely !!
    you painted quite a picture! :D

  5. This was fun, Kalpana. Can you believe I haven't seen DDLJ? :D

  6. This was fun, Kalpana! Can you believe I haven't seen DDLJ? :D


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