Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The 7 Senses.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st-7th September 2013.

Day 5

As the textbooks in school say that humans are gifted  with 5 senses and the sixth sense , extrasensory perception. But there is a seventh sense , have a look.......................


Our eyes are the windows to the world allowing us to see and witness the wonders of Nature as well as the destruction and havoc cause by the same. 
A lover will wait for 2 hours just to get a fleeting glimpse of his/her beloved. A mother's eyes light up after seeing her child come back from school after a gap of 6 hours. A child's joy know no bounds when he sees his favourite ice-cream or chocolate. Such is the power of sight. In the Indian epic, Mahabharata , Gandhari forgoes the ability to see, and remains blind-folded  , but reminds her husband , Dhrithirashtra , that she has not lost the ability of rightful thinking.

Colley Cibber (1671–1757)

O SAY what is that thing call’d Light,
  Which I must ne’er enjoy;
What are the blessings of the sight,
  O tell your poor blind boy!
You talk of wondrous things you see,
  You say the sun shines bright;
I feel him warm, but how can he
  Or make it day or night?
My day or night myself I make
  Whene’er I sleep or play;               
And could I ever keep awake
  With me ’twere always day.



The sense to smell is universal. And my son has been gifted with this sense of smell in an extraordinary way. As the doors of the elevator slide open , he guesses what is being cooked in the kitchen and his guess is always right. 

Some flowers like the jasmine , mogra , parijat and rose have strong fragrance that soothe our nerves. The smell of wet mud after the first showers is welcome. The aroma of  brewing 'Kaapi' (South Indian coffee) spreads all over the house from the kitchen to awaken the 'Kumbakarana' (sleepy one) . The spraying or dabbing of one's favourite perfume enriches the nostrils. I light sandal incense sticks every morn and evening and the feeling is divine. And who can forget the police dog 'Zanjeer' who sniffed and helped the Mumbai police during the bomb blasts.


The vocal cords of M.S.Subbalaxmi ,  Mangeshkar  sisters , Mohd. Rafi or Micheal Jackson or Madonna must have swayed many a hearts. But as G.B.Shaw had said music is costly noise , his choice of  hearing maybe , a bit different. A pet lover feels happy listening to the barks of his/her pet. The buzz of the bee, the call of the nightingale , the thundering of the clouds , the pitter-patter of the rains and of the small little feet , the swaying of the trees with the breeze , the sounds of children playing in the park are all music to the ears. I would say there is music  in silence too. And who would forget Wordsworth's famous lines 

O listen! for the Vale profound
Is overflowing with the sound.

Courtesy Google.


Sweet , sour, bitter , tangy , pungent are the tastes that enrich our palate. The mere sight of our favourite food sends out taste buds on a drive and the mouth starts watering and tickles and teases the hunger pangs.

food is a total waste
without the tongue to taste
chew and savour it without haste
a toddler's porridge is a milky paste
Lord Ram tasted the berries of Sabri chaste.


The touch of her baby after a long labour cannot be described or fathomed by the new mother. The touch of the cold gold ring and the warmth of his palms makes the bride blush putting the beetroot to shame, on the engagement day. The hold of the little finger of the mother gives a secure feeling to the child. The intertwined fingers of the newlyweds on a beach is bliss.

Touch me , says the bride
Touch me not, says the plant with pride
A cut with a scalpel , the surgeon takes in his stride
Caress of her groom , bride behind her veil , hide.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Extrasensory perception (ESP) involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.
Even though , this is a highly controversial phenomena , this theory cannot be debunked. Mind has an unknown power capable of limitless and abundant energy. 


The four chambered little heart pumps blood along with various emotions like love , hate , jealousy , suspicion , anger. It is the storehouse of all positive and negative energy.

Poets and authors have written reams and reams about this little pump-house but this poor heart continues to suffer from heart-breaks.

Fill your heart with so much love, dear mate
that there is no room for hate
throw out the bad vibes out of the gate
Sit back, relax and meditate
and go on a passionate date

Yes the seventh sense is heart the reservoir  of love. Do you agree with me , readers ? 

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