Wednesday, 30 October 2013


What brings you comfort? Poetry? Music? A big old chair? Manicures or pedicures? Coffee or tea? Ice cream? Mom or Dad? Partners? A Higher Power?


 A woven fantasy of
six and twenty pearls
   a treasure-house 
       of wisdom . 

        A quiet companion,  
awakening my subconscious mind.
           In blissful state,
ignorant of the world around me.
             a guiding light,
a watch-tower of my views.

Shuffling of the bark leaves,
leaves me gasping for more.
The comfort food for thought,
I quench from its creative juices.

      When I close the book,
the tales , characters and plot
come out alive , to escort me
           from Utopia.


                              For :  poetryjaam