Monday, 14 October 2013

My Delhi Manifesto

My Delhi Manifesto!

My Delhi Manifesto

 Here, we are giving you an opportunity to voice them. We bring to you an opportunity to draft your own Delhi Manifesto. You have to include the issues you think we’re facing that need to be addressed about Delhi or other general problems regarding the nation as well.
You have to be a part of the change you wish to witness! Soon after we have your Manifesto, we would announce another extension to this activity where you would be asked to blog about solutions to all the issues you’ve mentioned in your Manifesto. Always wanted to initiate a change? Here’s your chance!
For now, we request you to look around, observe and see what all needs to be changed, gain inspiration and Blog your Delhi Manifesto

The daughters of Bharat Mata are not disrobed
                               of their modesty and move unhindered.

Every lady is respected
                               as a human being and not taunted.

Every neta fulfills each  promise
                               and treats his constituency as a sacred premise.

The files in Govt. dept navigate
                               without bribe or fabricate.

The media is free from fear
                               and works without favour.

The headlines of newspapers
                               do not scream of rapes and murders.

Scams are relegated to dictionary,
                               and every child is a visionary.

Reservations are only for railway berths,
                                every mother gives a girl child,  birth.

Clean water , housing and food are  fundamental rights
                                'aam aadmi' doesn't have to put up a fight.

Dirt, litter and garbage do not adorn the street,
                                 clean air spreads to greet.   

The highways and roads are smooth
                                 accident free are the youth.  

Senior citizens are safe in their homes,
                                 respected till the journey to tomes.

Deaths of the citizens are natural,
                                  no terrorism, bomb blasts or gun barrel.

Country's progress is not measured  by  per capita income  and sensex
                                  but by gross happiness index.

                        Is this utopia or am I expecting too much?
                        This is My Delhi Manifesto that I draft.       


  1. Great poem with key points! I like the Gross Happiness Index like in Bhutan, that was highlighted in the movie Lunchbox. If all the points are implemented, we in India will be happy! :)

  2. you have nicely put your point. all the best for the competition. going to blog about it soon

  3. What a great way to put forward your points. Gr8 post !!

  4. great poem,I am touched by the girl child line :)
    following ur blog
    hope u follow back

  5. a fantastic write up Kalpana....may this be the dream of everyone in this land.....


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