Friday, 25 October 2013

Q's and A's

Questions for which I don't really have answers.. Can you answer?

I have tried to find some answers to questions posed by Nischala Murthy. Have a look.


* How  women (who is largely consider the 'weaker sex') find the physical / mental and emotional strength to endure child-birth?

A women is a storehouse of latent energy. She is wrongly judged as the 'weaker sex'.

Childbirth is considered to be a second birth for the lady but she endures it all , for she releases a part of her, after nine months of nurturing in her womb.

* How mothers can be *UNCONDITIONALLY SELFLESS* and *UNIMAGINABLY SELFISH* for their children? It makes you wonder if it is the same person at all?

A mother's love is unconditional and selfless. How can a mother discriminate and  be selfish to a product of her own creation?.

* Why do children take on the father's surname, and not the mothers name; when really how most children turn out is HUGELY DEPENDENT on their MOTHER?

Children are largely dependent on their mothers. Blame the patriarchal societal norms that the child belongs to the father. In matriarchal society (of Nair and Bunt communities) the child takes the mother's 'gotra'.
Laws are changing. A child can now take the mother's name. Bollywood director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has taken his mom's name as his middle name. A long way to go to change and accept mindsets.

* What goes on in the mind and heart of a new born baby? What does he / she think? What does he / she feel?

My mom and grandmom have told me that the first 3 months of the child belong to its previous birth  (I really do not know how) .  When the infant smiles , the fairies play with them. 

* "For Better or For Worse" - How do parents get the strength to endure every thing that a child puts you through?

The children are the 'shaan' and  'guroor' of the parents.  Parents , specially a mother, endures everything that a child puts through as they know that these are the testing times and are always hopeful of the best. This flicker of hope warms their heart even in the biting cold of adversities and hence they endure for their kids.

Readers , do you have any different answers? Please feel free to share and many brains on parenting make the broth more tasty.