Wednesday, 15 January 2014

birthday gift.

Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 3

                                Little shoe Vidya Sury Wednesday Prompt

Today , her joy knew no bounds as she been gifted  with a pair of brand new shoes .

The swing oscillated to and fro  with a rhythmic creak. She gulped a mouthful of fresh air as the wooden plank on which she sat , was on a high  and let out the  inhaled air as she came down . This was the happiest moment for little Rekha as she on rare occasions had the luxury of playing in the park close to her home.

The shoe slipped off her foot and fell on the ground. Her heart sank.  Her tiny feet hung in the air as she desperately tried to stop the motion of the swing to retrieve her fallen shoe, her precious possession.

She jumped off the swing as it slowed down the pace of motion and slipped her tiny foot and fastened the velcro. Walking a few steps ahead , she heaved a sigh of relief and the swing swaying a few inches was forgotten by Rekha.

 Rekha turned eight years old today , her joy knew no bounds as she been gifted  with a pair of brand new shoes by her employer.

Rekha rolled bidis with her mother to supplement their meager family income.

P.S. : There are many little children who are employed in unorganized sectors as helping
          hands . They cannot attend school and playtime is a rare luxury. Stop child labour.
         Report it to the concerned authorities.

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