Friday, 28 February 2014

2 states of mind.

This time Team Blogadda is  making it more creative! The post must contain the word Friend and should have just 5 sentences to complete the story.

Picking up the landline after nearly seven rings , Sudha , my friend , on the other side asked me to earmark the date in the calendar, 18th April , to watch the movie ,'2 states' at the Fun Cinema.

I am in two minds as I have read and liked , nay loved the book by Chetan Bhagat but have apprehensions of how the cinematic interpretation of the book will turn out and whether spending 150 minutes and 300 bucks in the theatre would really be worth it.


My train of celluloid thoughts were broken by my friend's persistent rantings of how good the movie will be , going by the promotionals  about a TamBrahm girl and a Punjabi boy at IIM-A , study , land jobs and convince each other's parents of their choice of life-partner.

I voiced my doubts about the movie but they were drowned by my Bollywood loving friend-cum-advisor who feels that this movie will be a super-duper hit as it has all the ingredients , that an Indian family would love ; viz higher education, generation-gap , marriage , good food , bickerings, dance and songs.

By now , I am nearly convinced of Sudha's prophesy and I smile , as inter-caste and inter-state marriages would be common in the near future but a marriage is a marriage , a union of not only two hearts but of two families who will have to bear each other's likes , dislikes , preferences and prejudices but the high point of the marriage is the refusal of the Krish's mom to accept 'gifts' from Ananya's father.


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