Saturday, 15 February 2014

First Aid box.

This time we’re aiming at making it more creative! You have to write a post starting with ‘First Aid Box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check.’

First Aid Box.




Spectacle case. 


Her eyes were holding back the flood of sorrow that were threatening to burst open the withheld emotions but only a suppressed sob escaped her tight lips.

His ears managed to catch the sound. He paused , waited and turned about to face her while in the guise of packing his bag , she tried her best to avoid his gaze.

'I can face the enemy's bullets but cannot see the tears in your eyes', said Jawan Dharampal.

'sorry , galati hogayee' , said she trying to be brave and moving with some difficulty.

'I have packed apples for you' , knowing well that he loved the apples from the Valley'.

'take care ', said he.

'You too take care' , said she.

He lifted his luggage and made his way towards the narrow long pathway that led to the bus-stop.

She stopped at the door and waved  , and her left hand caressed her tummy and whispered softly , ' papa will come soon'.


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