Saturday, 8 February 2014

free your mind.

100 Words on Saturday 2014 – 6


The prompt: Write a hundred words without thinking – just free your mind!

Unlock known, unknown fears
Jettison the baggage of tears.
Crumple  paper of regrets
Before it enlarges and begets.
Breaks  walls of hatred
Open windows of love, sacred.
Far away from thorns of jealousy
Spread fragrance of friendship rosy.
Dissolve in deep oceans, anger
Laziness, be a stranger.
Swallow the mountain of pride
Adorn self-respect, as a new bride.
Meditate and banish lust
flames of excellence , a must.
burn  midnight oil
progress and shine, toil.
walk on the highway of gratitude.
count the blessings , not the attitude
bask in the rays of spiritualism
free your mind to attain equilibrium. 



                           FOR :  WRITE TRIBE

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