Saturday, 15 February 2014

wings of Freedom

                                                 Tangy Tuesdays                                   

captive in the secure golden cage
with a strong silver key.
a prized priceless prisoner , pampered
feast of choicest foods
but no wind beneath the wings
the fluffy feathers trimmed
hooked to an unseen tether 
a piece in the museum. 
no melody , music
sung from chained neck
gazed and adored
by humans on the other
side of the prison.
They shout hoarse
about equality and freedom
devour all over in morn papers.
but whose freedom
is at stake?

Glide in the open sky
is my dream
allow, taste the blue clouds
and the fruit of freedom 
berries on tree , so sweet
drink the nectar from
the open pond
to perch on a branch high
spread my wings

fly with my fledglings.
Listen O Man
to melodious strains of freedom.
Be in the cage for once
and feel the suffocation.

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