Wednesday, 26 February 2014

key to happiness.

Wednesday Prompt 

The Wednesday Prompt 2014 #8
                                                         Picture courtesy : Morguefile 

                                Happiness is a master key
                     whether/weather  it rain or sunshine be
                     open the parasol of your mind, if it pours
                     bathe in the tender rays , if mercury soars.

Happiness is a master key
open the doors of your thoughts
water the parched fields of droughts
plant the seeds of trust
reap the fruits of loyalty on the crust.

                                Happiness is a master key
                    smile when you have made a difference
                    to another soul's essence.
                    returns do not mean a take home figure
                    gratitude pays and earns for sure.  

Happiness is a master key
to be unlocked
to be shared and to spread.
Do not search, temples,  in vain
Happiness comes from within.

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