Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dove Hair contest

                                Dove Go Play

Shikakai and Reetha  boiled in water, in a certain proportion , cooled and

 strained were my mother's home-made beauty hair-care products and 

cleaning my long stresses er tresses with her formula product was sacrosanct 

and a weekly regime to be followed despite my protests  drowned ,  in her

 age-old wisdom mantras handed down to her by her mother.The tedious

 process of adding all the right ingredients and boiling which I would referred 

to it as the witch's cauldron , would be discontinued after my marriage , 

sternly told her. And I had my way and started to use the 'bottled' shampoo 

with not so good results till I stumbled upon Dove shampoo and there is no

 looking back. All the stresses about tresses are past history and the future 

is certainly bright. and I sing as I massage my hair and wash my hair with

 Dove shampoo ..............



                                     यह तोह नहीं हैं एक पहेली

                              प्यारी सी है यह मेरी सहेली 

                              उठती है और गिरती 

                              मेरे इशारो  पर हसती 

                              इसकी काली घटाओं  में 

                              ढूंढ ती हूँ  मैं ख्वाबों को मैं 

                              देखती मैं दूसरों की नज़र में 
                              अपनी जुल्फों को , सवर के 

                             चाहिए कोई  नहीं  आईना    

                             में हूँ एक सुन्दर सी हसीना 


and as I dry my hair with my  cotton towel , I sing

                          as soft as silk

                          as creamy as milk

                          is my thick mane

                          lustrous is my middle name

                          the mirror caresses

                          my lovely tresses

                          I bounce my curls

                          as tri-colour flag unfurls

                          I straighten the knots

                         as a captain calls the shots

                         the strands I twist

                         like a ball in my fist 

                         I navigate my fingers

                         thru my hair as fragrance lingers

                         I am happy , are you so?


When I go for a hair-cut , the parlour lady , Mrs. Violet compliments on the quality of my hair and sings paeans about the old ways of oiling and applying hot towel on the head , which I still follow . There are not split ends nor I have bad hair days. Now my hair is short and streaks of wisdom are making an appearance and has shades of grey ( no pun please) and I am proud of them. I haven't succumbed to the regime of colouring my hair and am comfortable in a natural different hue. How long I will remain true to the natural way I cannot say.

This post has been written for 'Go Play Contest' on IndiBlogger sponsored by Dove. You can follow #DovePlay updates on twitter.

A big thanks for Indiblogger and Dove for a salon voucher of Rs. 2500/.

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