Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lost childhood , home forgotten

                                                          Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler 

Peeling plaster of  memories
uprooted upholstery of warm days
disheveled thoughts of days gone by
mind's room of childhood era 
lay in ruins, forgotten, un-cared.

The floor where we waltzed
has lost its sheen.
of shy dancing smiles
and hidden crushes.
Love's now lost forever.

arm of the chair
where I perched
rests in moth decay.

Under its illumination 
I became wiser in 
the company of books,
Alas! lamp now unlit and dark.

Old black and white T.V.
brings back images of
sibling camaraderie 
Now stands abandoned
with unplugged connection.

The heat and hearth 
aroma wafting outside.
insects thrive
spider's feast 
cobweb's home.

I ran out with nostalgia
looked back with fear
would these ghosts
of happier days haunt me?

               For :  Magpie Tales