Thursday, 6 March 2014

revenge , love , greed

On Day 6, Write Tribe is  keeping it really simple. It’s Friday – so WT would like  a 55 on Friday!  and WTers are free to write on any topic, a 55 word story.


He was the sole witness to the murder of the industrialist. A sketch artist

by profession he drew her on paper and handed it over to the police. 

The widow stunned everybody by telling that the portrait was of their maid

who had died under mysterious circumstances. Unknown to them, spirit of

the maid smiled.



The baby wails. The mother hurriedly picks and places her under her saree

 pallu. While the baby has her fill and falls asleep, she looks at the child with 

a satisfied gaze. She puts the baby in the makeshift cloth cradle, rocks it and 

moves to the construction site, to build houses for the rich. 



He stacks the jewellery into the bag.

He has a last look of the CST station as the train leaves the platform. He dreams

of a comfortable life with his family in his village. His footprints are visible as

the CCTV captures him leaving with the loot. The Police await his arrival at his


                               For :  Write Tribe Festival of Words