Saturday, 10 May 2014

Death, do not be proud.


The mortal remains burn
to light the frowning  skies
painting it to impart a sad hue
a residue of smoldering ashes
and a pile of bones.

The soul begins its odyssey
to another world beyond
of peace and calm.

                                  Death , do not be proud.

The framed and frozen memories 
are treasured and vaulted 
too precious to be charred
too valuable to be erased
from the folds of memory.

The legacies ,
of strong ties and moral values
continue unbroken
for generations.

                                    Death, do not be proud.

Hovering , always, on a man's head,
threatening every moment
a man's life and peace.
but his struggles against 
all odds , he is a winner.

                                   Death do not be proud. 

Death you knock 
on the doors only once.
Step inside and 
bow to the spirit of man,
bow to Life  and Living.

For : 3 Word Wednesday