Saturday, 24 May 2014

it's magic.

This time Team Blogadda has got its readers thinking & smiling :)

The Prompt: The post has to revolve around the word Magic! What does it mean to you? What is it that is magical according to you?  :D


The scene is still crystal clear in my memory as it has never left my senses.

 I had attended the first day of my Kindergarten and when the school gates 

were flung open , rushed out as fast as my little legs could carry and saw my

anxious mother waiting for me. I melted into the cocoon of her protective arms

and the rustle of her crisp , starched cotton sari rubbed against my nose and a

light fragrance emanated from the fabric made me snug and comfortable. 

Being separated  and segregated, against my wishes from the loving gaze of my 

mom , had made me vulnerable and the after a gap of two hours , which seem 

to stretch to eternity , was be able to bask in her arms was sheer magic for me. 


I felt I was the epicenter of warmth and security. The memory of this magical moment brings a smile on my face and I feel I am blessed .

Handing over an envelope full of crisp currency notes  to my mother, the result of the first month's labour was a feeling of exhilaration.

Gazing at the collage of old B/W photographs of togetherness , a time gone by and never to return makes me nostalgic.

Sitting on the  roller-coaster ride and screaming my lungs out while enjoying the speed is adventurous.

The first sight of my new-born brought a flood of tears and I had no words to thank Lord Shiva for his blessings.

Holding my little finger , my child feels secure , makes me feel responsible.

The feel of the first showers of the rain on my outstretched hands and the smell of petrichor assailing the windows of my nostrils is heavenly.

These fragmented moments spread over time when strung together like precious pearls together is MAGIC  and this magic is called LIFE .


Readers , do you agree with me? Do share your precious pearls with me............

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