Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Body parts Idiom


WRITE TRIBE has come out with a very innovative and interesting prompt : body parts idioms

IIT-JEE results out                                                   
Topper he was to be , no doubt
had egg on his face
and out of the rat race.


The two contestants sigh
never saw eye to eye
in the dance of democracy
shook hands , hypocrisy.

She had a gut feeling
of fortunes coming
she checked the number
winning the lottery bumper.


Employees got kick in the teeth
'King of Good Times' laid a wreath
on their high hopes
being grounded on steep slopes.


He saw her across the street
Shy , kept dragging his feet
The ring in his pocket
but her picture in his friend's locket.

Trailing her without a sound
detective kept his ear to the ground.
She pulled him up for stalking
and the poor guy started stammering.

         For :  Write Tribe