Friday, 13 June 2014

Lost and found.


Lost & Found

I pushed myself
the size of an elf
to gain entry  at noon
to lose the protective cocoon
of my mother's womb. 
to bury family hopes in wet tomb.

                                    I am a cursed gender.

Holding a pencil , book and tears
the prison of school 
imprisoned my thinking tool
to release my fears
labelled a slow learner
efforts pushed to the back burner.

                                 I was pronounced as a bad student.

Battling surging hormones
shying away from gaze of testosterones 
I shed my awkwardness
to a beautiful swan
to be called a temptress
out to tame every man.

                               I was branded as a bold woman.

stepping into corporate boardroom
with ethics , flying on a broom
at  crunching numbers a wizard
respected , sharp as a shard
broke the glass ceiling
numero uno , a fragrant feeling.

                           Everybody equated me to excellence.

I have found a new me.
I love and adore me
because my struggles are mine  
I have battled to become what I deserve.

For :  Poetry Jam