Sunday, 15 June 2014


Rains have just made their appearance and the feeling is good.

scorched and tossed in the furnace
the tree of human body
shrinks and dried.

Bare branches spread out
begging for relief
parched minds.

reticent clouds
look down 
to a thousand prayers.

knit their brows                                                    
collide into each other
a sound and light show............
and the chasms
of the Earth
fill to gurgle. 

Rain one , Baarish two , Varsha three
coming down with glee
nodding all the tree.

Rain come , Baarish come , Varsha come
hitting the roof , seeping thru some
welcome home.

Youth dances with abandon
in their feet , hopes laden. 

rainbow of parasol open
wind lifts up and broken.

a frog jumps and croak
the whole six yards soak.

the seed of life sprout
nectar of happiness in spout.

Rain four , Baarish five , Varsha six
pouring down to mix.

Rain seven
thanks Heaven.

Baarish eight
falling under your weight.

Varsha nine
I am fine.

Rain ten , Baarish ten , Varsha ten
every year , come again and again.