Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Thinking Tree of Life.

The pre-monsoon showers have unwillingly and miserly sprinkled their blessings on Mumbai city. But for the past 2 days winds kicking up clouds of dust is further polluting the atmosphere. 

The branches of the trees have fallen ( pun intended) prey to the Nature's ire. A part of the tree which stood magnificently some days ago has bowed down rather unceremoniously  to the wrath of the Wind God and lies blocking the paths waiting to be cleared. They would be stripped of the green garb and be chopped and hacked to be transported. The dying wood pieces cut a sorry figure. But change is constant and continuous , changing from one form to another is inevitable. 


I pondered over this situation , the reason for Nature , herself , shearing an arm of her child.It may be deliberate , unburdening  an excess or unwanted extension and preparing the parent tree to the rough times ahead. The branch had served the tree well in the hey days transporting food and bearing fruits and flowers but now has to part ways for the betterment of the remaining portion. And it has paid off its debts.
A part of the tree is detached but there is growth and further rejuvenation , a fact which should not be overlooked  in the process.
The tree reconciles quickly to the bereavement and with great alacrity sprouts tender parts on the first shower.

 As one grows , one has to discard an old feeble part of oneself to make  room for newer ideas or ideology and  keeping the wheels of healing moving. Natures teaches  mankind with appropriates examples but do we keep our senses of sight and hearing open to interpret the Laws of Nature?