Sunday, 13 July 2014

award from Privy

Thank you Privy Trifles for the Liebester Award that you have so generously
passed it on to me. Its very nice to be loved and acknowledged.

Spreading love and happiness comes naturally to you, Privy and this is amply reflected
in your blogs.


Accepting this award from Privy , I am supposed to answers some questions posed by her.

What is writing to you?

Writing to me is an extension of  pouring my unsaid thoughts . Writing is therapeutic and I love to read what I have written.

Why blogging?

The social networking has /is a boon of technology. As am shy person , blogging is an effective tool to reach out to people without actually being seen. The virtual  semi-anonymity is encouraging.

What does your blog mean to you?
It is like penning my diary. And Gemini in the sky is my canvas to unleash the colourful thoughts.

If given a choice what would you like to change about LIFE right now?
I would like to possess more energy.

Say something to someone you have always wanted to.........
To the naysayers : I am not listening.

Meaning of life to you in one word.

One song that describes you perfectly.
A true Gemini I am , no one song can describe me fully but I love songs with foot-tapping beats. No sad songs for me.

How will you like to be remembered?
I am in love with life and would liked to be remembered as a person who has embraced life wholeheartedly . No tears please.

Words for me.
Visiting Privy's blogs  means a soothing balm to the soul. The vastness of LIFE's LESSONS  is neatly condensed to small paras of gyaan.

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