Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The pebble in the shoe.

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Write Tribe has come up with an interesting prompt and the prompt is based on a book called - The Pebble in the Shoe

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All of us have a pebble/s deeply etched in our psyche and feel it impossible to dislodge them. It is not easy but nay it's not too difficult either.  I have successfully dislodged a pebble before it became a boulder in my path. Go ahead and read this.......................

                                               The Pebble in The Shoe.

Walking under the canopy of the green branches swaying to the breeze, my thoughts evaporated with the sun.

“Er , What’s wrong? Why are you limping? “

“There’s a pebble stuck in my shoe”, I felt like riposting. But I do not have a tendency to display my rudeness and only manage to smile.

"Öh! You have put on WEIGHT”, stressing on the last word, deliberately.

“My feet have never complained nor has the weighing machine ever yelled at me”, resonates in the folds of my  cerebrum and I adorn a mask of fake but polite smiles.

“Your hair is greying. Why don’t you dye your hair…………..” and the voice trails off.

 "I prefer to walk alone on the untrodden path and flaunt my wisdom” and this time the words flow out from my sound box effortlessly to hit her eardrums.  Smiling sheepishly, she beats a hasty retreat.

Yeees!  I have scored a goal. The pebble dislodges from the shoe and I march like a soldier.


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Readers , have you ever been in the striking range of a volley of personal questions posed awkwardly? How have you repelled them? Do share your experiences with me........................