Wednesday, 21 January 2015

2 sides of a coin.

My head bent behind , my mouth opened up slightly and my eyes grew bigger in hope and anticipation.

What would it be? The coin tossed in the air will land on the soft ground. 

Head or tail?

Whatever is the outcome, I had to accept it with alacrity.

                              Shadow number 1 pulled me towards her. 

It was a surmounting challenge.
A challenge of glory and gory ,
triumph and obstacle. 
a path to be etched
strewn of roses and thorns
a crown of applause
with the canopy of responsibilities

                                 Shadow number 2 pulled me towards her

It would be a deep slumber,
a sleep without nightmares
a detachment from all trappings
an emancipation of worries
the withering away of body from soul.

The two shadows duelled for my attention and choice while I sank , confused.

They snarled and bared their fangs and the fire of fear threatened to reduce me to dust.

            Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return thundered from the skies.

Nay, I shall not be cowered down by the dark shadows , my mind is free to suck the
sweetest nectar.

The two shadows , deflated, vied for my attention.

I glared at them.

I chose LIFE. 

A path untrodden of obstacles, a crown of roses and applause defeating
the thorns and shouldering responsibilities. 
After the triumph will I sleep eternally in the arms of DEATH.

                  But Death do not be proud.


                                      written for Yeah Write Fiction/Poetry