Wednesday, 18 February 2015

night life.

The virtual world shrinks geographical distances and connects to people far away but we humans tend to ignore relations that are closer home.

Post dinner, Whatsapp, Facebook and the blogging world takes over me and I am connected to my friends from all corners of the globe.  My husband buries his nose into the newspapers or magazines and my son, a student, is busy with his books and assignments.

But today we deviated from our own set norm and unanimously voted to take a brisk walk at night. And I am glad we did so as the experience was surreal and invigorating.  

The cool air caressed my senses and sent a small shiver.

Image result for parijat flowersImage result for plumeria flowers And as we passed a tree our olfactory nerves were sprayed with the fragrance of Frangipani. We inhaled deeply. I noticed the neatly manicured lawns. The water fountain at the intersection of four roads danced like a nubile girl, with the gentle breeze doing a tango. The red Indian roses surrounding the fountain seems to be basking in the glory. The crescent moon seemed to keep vigil on the Nature's bounty. As we passed the Parijaat Tree (Night flowering Jasmine), we stopped in our tracks and filled our lungs with the sweet smelling fragrance. The sight and the smell of the tree evoked images of childhood days and I was filled with nostalgia. The tree had shaken off its white delicate flowers with a light orange stem and have spread like a carpet on the green grass weaving a mesmerising pattern. I gingerly picked some flowers.

After a long walk, we sat on the newly laid sturdy bench. My gaze wandered up at the vastness of the sky. The twinkling solitaires seemed to smile down at us. The canopy of constellations was a visual treat to our eyes.

As we sat chatting, I noticed many other families strolling by. And we smiled back at complete strangers while small kids waved joyfully. I thought of them as kindered souls having a karmic connection. 

An hour and half ticked away and we made our way back to our home.

I filled a shallow dish with water and arranged the Parijaat flowers. The floating flowers made a lovely centre-piece.

I retired to bed with a happy heart. 

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