Thursday, 26 February 2015

river of life

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Immersing the ashes into the holy Ganges River, the Hindu priest prays

to the Sun-God for the soul to make a peaceful transition to the other world.

Isn't this a river of death?” piques the Englishman.

“Nay, this river is the life-giver. She flows satiating the parched, germinating 

the seed of life and dissolves the dead to commence a new beginning. Eventually,

all things merge into one”, answers Leila, calmly, in her white robes and freshly 

tonsured head, a sign of widowhood.

“Faith abounds here”, she says pointing to the swift current.

Leila clutches to a book on re-incarnation.

                              Written for Carrot Ranch - Flash Fiction Challenge

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