Friday 3 July 2015


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The pink hue of my cheeks heralded the mercury dipping and the salubrious

weather pregnant with foodie-adventure.

The holy month of Ramadan spills humanity on the roads to savour the 

delicacies, pampering and salivating the taste buds. My eyes feasted

on the succulent pieces of meat kebabs imprisoned on the iron skewers, 

dripping of fresh spicy yoghurt marinade, the fire from the charcoals 

hissing, roasting a coat of crunchy layer.

Succumbing to the temptation, "Aminbhai, one plate kebab". Digging

into the fiery hot piece, my tongue yearned for the coolness of Kulfi.

“Man, it’s a hot one", me winking.

               Written for :  Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction


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