Friday, 31 July 2015

No child's play.

With the birth of an infant, a mother , too , is born. Earlier she was a daughter,

sister, friend, wife and with the first cry of her baby she graduates to a new 

role i.e. a mother. 

I would say she starts to prepare for her role as soon as she is pregnant.

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Consuming a balanced diet supplemented by folic and calcium tablets under 

the doctor's advice and regular check-ups to the hospital are the agenda on 

her diary.

The modern women along with her professional duties and  household work 

starts to prepare herself for the entry of a new member.

My friend Varsha had presented me with books on how to take care of in  

pregnancy and I diligently read and absorbed each word. The changes and  

growth in each trimester were clearly written and depicted . Staying in   

nuclear families, these books were a fountain-head of information and  

succour in the absence of a mother-in-law or an elderly guide.

With the first cry of my baby , my hubby had to scour shops for newborn 

baby clothes, cloth diapers, baby bed , blanket and pillow. Choosing the

best  was an uphill task. 

Looking for comfort rather than frilly exterior was paramount. Hopping  

and shopping  was not easy and for the first time we realized that it's not , 

' bacchoan Ka Khel' or a child's play.

My child's pram/stroller was chosen after much scepticism and hesitation. 

The first tiffin box and water bottle was gifted by a close friend. The school  

bag was picked after trial and error. The first footwear for school was chosen  

on the recommendation of the shop-keeper. 

As I look back and ruminate, I wish I had a guide to navigate the labyrinth  

maze of shopping for the right products without much heartburn. 's website allows easy browsing and choosing of the baby products

from a wide array of products. It is a boon to the hassled parents. From the 

confines of one's home or office, one can choose a baby product and even

order it. At the click of a button, shopping can be completed without an 

arduous trekto the market. One is spoilt for choice in the galaxy of variety

of products. The different brand specifications and prices ( discounted 

prices) are clearly mentioned and picking and shopping 

becomes an enjoyable experience. There is no room for ambiguity or doubt.

                                          Health Care Range

Packing the hospital bag with essentials is listed in details. This is a great help 

for first time mothers.

Maternity gown/clothes, traditional, ethnic and modern  are available in 

bright and subtle colours.

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Diapers, feeding paraphernalia, bath and skin care products,clothes , footwear,

nursery , school supplies are the different categories that help narrowing down 

the choice albeit the right and proper one.

Warm Clothes is a step-by-step guide shopping friend at every stage of 

parenthood and one doesn't have to look further for any help.

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One has to click the button and experience the joys of shopping and 

parenthood. One can even recommend this site to a friend or a relative. 



                     Readers , have you clicked onto site?

The TVC clearly manifests the importance of choosing a stroller. 

Its akin to choosing a high-end four-wheeler for your family.

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