Monday, 27 July 2015

saving face

In shame , I hang my head
when the animal instinct 

overpowered the moral thread
a woman's dignity lost precinct.

With fear, I turned my face
when the communal fire scorched

bodies and humanity at a furious pace.
no words escaped from throat parched.

My eyelashes lowered
when a scam scarred the society

Is there anything left to be read?
the tainted headlines, a pity.

My face seethed with anger
when rapacious hands dug 

the bowls of Earth , endanger
mowed the garden, green rug 

How long the face will face an assault?
aloud screams my silence
my agony breaks from the vault
tattered is my resilience

Its time to raise my question(s)
shake off the shackles

march ahead to a revolution
imprison the jackals

Adopt the mantra : live and let live.

                                Written for :  Magpie Tales


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