Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Up or down

Eyelashes stare , gazing 
At the spiralling depth

My spirits began to spin.

The ornamental side-rail
Screamed for attention

I didn't admire it.

Each step, a hurdle
I pronounced, with scarce 

Doubts assailed, multiplied
The enigmatic steps

Running down
Or climbing in an ascent?

How would she reach me?

Should I languish in eternity?

Or make a move?
The echo of her

Red-heeled feet ,

I peered in the direction
Unsure i was

Was she gaily dressed in colours?

Or mourning in black?
Tapping  of her feet

Grew louder.

With a face
Devoid of emotions,
Her shadow crossed mine.
Away she melted
Into nothingness

Folly,  I realized

Long after she left.

The fragrance of her silent sermon
I inhaled deeply.

Oscillating pendulum of laughter 

or tick-tock of gloom

Will pass away, merge.
Change is constant 
Seasons change
But hope is eternally green.

                                            Written for : Magpie Tales