Friday, 7 August 2015


              PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods
                                                          PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods

The humid Mumbai air wrapped warmth around her as she sat huddled.

The waves lapped against the tetrapods insinuating of some company.

The eerie silence compounded with the luminous moon peeping slyly 

through the stirring branches seemed more ghoulish. Thoughts flowed 

seamlessly in the quietude and translated into the nib moving furiously 

on paper. 

                           She preferred words on her screen.

The door creaked and faint light invaded her dark bedroom.

Standing in the doorway was her mother, "Ananya, off to bed. Only ghosts 

write at night".

                         "Ï am ‘ghost’ writing for my papa".

                 An invisible loving hand caressed her head.

                                 Written for :  Friday Fictioneers

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