Friday, 5 May 2017

comfort food

Spreading his ample bottom on the cushioned chair, his gaze caressed the colorful bowl. 

The taste buds tickled and saliva lubricated the cave of his mouth.

The smile widened to form wrinkles at the corner of his spectacled eyes.

The unsteady shivering hand brought the spoonful close and the dentures chomped

away greedily the crisp bell peppers and lettuce.

Image result for bowl of salad

The slightly chilled yogurt dressing brought solace to his mouth ulcers.

“Comfort food”, he uttered under his breath, his companion for the past six decades. 

And so is the constipation, a faithful shadow.

The salad bowl was licked clean.


                                    written for : Carrot Ranch flash fiction

pic courtesy google image

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