Wednesday, 24 May 2017

the beach


This week's photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller's Abode. Thank you Louise!

Maurice dug her heels into the moist grains of fine textured sand as she 

unwrapped the lettuce-tuna sandwiches.

"It is going to be a lovely day", gushed Edward. They had packed straw hats,

sunscreen lotions, a pair of clothes, towels to make most of the salubrious

weather. Two bottles of lemonade, baked Alaskan cake and sandwiches sat

snugly in their duffel bag to satiate their hunger pangs to stretch till evening.

Fifteen year old Janice played Frisbee as the breeze aided her endeavour. 

Little Ron built an impregnable castle digging a moat around it while their

parents kept a hawk-like vigil on them.

Away from this picturesque situation, under the blue awning a devious mind

was plotting akin to a droid. The man dressed in Armani suit and a diamond

studded watch seems incongruous with the surroundings. He doffed his hat,

an action that seemed innocuous but was a signal to an insidious action.

The subaltern sidekick nodded and aimed.

The blood stained the moist sand grains. With a piercing cry, orphaned Janice 

and Ron’s legs carried them towards the disaster. The half eaten sandwiches 

were strewn on the beach.

                 The Gun Control Lobby was poorer without its crusaders.

                                     written  for flash fiction for aspiring writers


word count : 199

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